Anyone can apply for help with placing a defibrillator.  We want to see defibrillators as common as fire extinguishers so if you know somewhere that would benefit please let us know.

If you are a school or club that has a child or children with a pre-existing heart condition we will help you ASAP.

We also have private placements for young people who are at high risk of cardiac arrest, this buys peace of mind for everyone.

Although the majority of our placements have been schools and football clubs some of our other placements include factories, golf clubs, parks, running clubs etc.  There is no real wrong place to house a defibrillator.

Emma Benjamin and her daughter Lauren from Blakelaw, Newcastle upon Tyne contacted the charity in its early days.  Emma was keen to place a defibrillator within Heaton Stannington FC.  One bag pack later and it was done.  

Emma continued to raise funds and set her sights on Blakelaw Ward.  She arranged meetings with local councillors and schools and we were  recently awarded funding for 5 defibrillators.  Emma also visited neighbouring ward Woolsington and  we later secured  funding for 4.

Emma is still fundraising and knows the difference a defibrillator in your local community can make,  Blakelaw Social Club, Red House Farm FC also now have defibrillators through Emma's awareness raising.  

You can do this, you can make the difference in you community.  Emma regularly runs raffles, sells wristbands etc to raise vital funds.