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Introducing Andy Sixsmith, Patron 

"First of all, I’d just like to say how honoured I am to be named patron of this incredible charity and to be working closely with both Christine and Kelly.

Why? There’s many reasons, but two in particular stand out. 

Coming from a sporting background in working for television and enjoying a brief (and largely unsuccessful!) swimming career, I’ve sadly experienced men and women, young and old, fit and healthy drop dead in only a few fateful seconds; several of 100,000 nationwide who die tragically after a cardiac arrest every single year.

This is an incredibly high, an incredibly distressing figure. But what’s more worrying, is that this number could be infinitely lower with greater access to defibrillators. Many organisations have recognised the urgent need for them on premises. But many more have not.

And that’s why North East Hearts with Goals is so important, so crucial in continuing to stand at the forefront of awareness and prevention of these tragic moments.

Alongside my sporting background though, I also come from a North East background, born and bred - as proud and as vocal about this great region as the next person, the values we stand for, the togetherness we continue to show.

And those values, that togetherness, that desire to be the change many want to see in the world that is displayed so often in people from our region is embodied wholeheartedly in Christine and Kelly and this charity - a group that’s the very epitome of what makes this region great; standing for a cause and refusing to back down until the challenge is met.

Because despite wonderfully placing over 200 AED’s to date and saving many lives in the North East, that’s exactly what this is; a challenge, often harrowing, yet potentially so rewarding.

And it’s only just starting, only just beginning.

There are thousands more lives to save, plenty more families to save from the heartbreak of losing loved ones.

There’s a long journey ahead.

And I’m honoured to be a part of it."